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Podcast Guest:  There's No Business Like...

There's No Business Like... podcast hosts talk about getting a phone call, and then Bryan, Danielle, and Kevin share their conversation with Christine Cox. Christine shares her journey from playing a Princess to owning her own agency and gives incredible insight on the risk vs. reward of artist acquisitions and contract types.


Featured mental health interview

Article:  What Is Your Partner Who Doesn't Have ADHD Thinking?

Christine talks about her real-life relationship with husband Max Darwin who has ADHD.   


Featured business article

23 Small Business Pivots During COVID

With my artist/magician The Amazing Max we shared our pivot from live magic shows to virtual magic.  In the first six hours of sending an email to the businesses' mailing list soon 25 lessons had been booked. In the first 3 weeks Max successfully completed 179 lessons. 

Press: News and Tips

Dylan becomes professional princess for a day

Portraying a fairy tale princess isn’t just child’s play -- it’s a competitive business for the people who manage to get selected. With a few twirls and some magical fairy dust, TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer put her princess skills to the test.


Students Get Into Groove Of Ballroom Dancing

Christine Cox teaches students at Sandy Plains Elementary School how to merengue, tango, swing, and cha-cha through the dance program, 5th Grade Ballroom Stars. This program was created in 2006 by Miss Cox.


Review on The Amazing Max

Produced my Christine Cox, this Off Broadway family magic received a review during it's premiere at the Manhattan Movement and Arts Center.

Press: News and Tips
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