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The business of being an artist

Are you a creative/artist who struggles with the business side of things?

Drawing from my extensive experience as a producer, agent, and artist manager, I know where you are coming from and you just want to understand how to best optimize your business!

Let's simplify your business strategy so you can put more energy into your art.

Business: Services

Why Christine? 

For over a decade I've produced Off Broadway shows, worked in film, ran a live events company, managed artists and created my own talent agency.  I have seen it all.

Covid changed the direction of my businesses and how I pitch everything.  I believe that artists need to be very clear about what they can offer so that they can continue creating and thriving in today's market.  

Business Strategy Consultation 

Created for Artists, Creatives, and Entrepreneurs

This is a 1 hour private one on one session taking place via Zoom. 

What to expect:

- In advance you will share your goals and tell me about your company

- Together we'll work from where you are and create a strategic business plan

- Marketing is a requirement of every business, expect for this to be a part of plan we come up with together!

- Templates and best practices will be shared!

- I highly recommend you make a list of questions in advance, (and there are no dumb questions!)

Rate:  $50 USD 

(Multiple time zones available, just mention where you are based)

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