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Entrepreneurship workshops

Workshops for any artist and/or creatives looking to build a business.   Works great for college students, recent graduates.  creatives looking for a side hustle, and/or anyone who wants to turn their art into profit.

Group workshops can be done individually or as a two part series. 

(available virtually or in-person)

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Intro to Entrepreneurship & Business in the Arts

Christine shares how she started her first business after graduating with a BFA in Dance Performance and Education.   She shares how she built a kids entertainment company, produced Off-Broadway shows, moved to artist management and started a film production company. 

She stands by her motto that you must dream big! Lots of tips and tricks from someone who is a serial entrepreneur. 

This is a 45 minute presentation followed by a live Q&A.  (time maybe adjusted as needed)

* This workshop can be offered by itself or paired with "LET'S PITCH"

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The Art of Selling Your Business

Christine leads an interactive workshop where everyone gets to pitch and receive immediate feedback.

Upon arrival participants will have taken Arts Entrepreneurship 101 workshop and have prepared a 1-2 minute pitch about their business. 

Christine's feedback and follow-up questions will come from a kind and constructive place.  This is a safe, risk-free environment for attendees to practice pitching and receive helpful insight.

Approx. 60-75 minutes.  Recommended for groups up to 20.  (For larger groups additional sessions or time must be booked.)

* Arts Entrepreneurship 101 workshop must take place first.

Why Christine? 

For over a decade I've produced Off Broadway shows, worked in film, ran a live events company, managed artists and created my own talent agency.  I have seen it all.

Covid changed the direction of my businesses and how I pitch everything.  I believe that artists need to be very clear about what they can offer so that they can continue creating and thriving in today's market.  

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Meredith Glisson (University of the Arts)

"Christine's workshop is an invaluable experience for our students.  I've witnessed firsthand how Christine's journey as a serial entrepreneur resonates deeply with our aspiring artists. Through her candid reflections on successes and failures, Christine offers an experienced and relatable perspective that empowers students to dream big and navigate the complexities of the arts business landscape. Her entrepreneurial talk, coupled with a live Q&A session and student pitch presentations, provides real insights and practical tips for our students to embark on their own entrepreneurial ventures with confidence."

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