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No matter who you're pitching, an agent, presenter, booker, producer, librarian, administrator, teacher and/or audience,  you have seconds to grab their attention.  You have to make your marketing pop to give them a reason to want keep looking. 

I love helping creatives figure out how to best position themselves.  Let's simplify your sales strategy so you can start getting responses and book more.

Selling Yourself: Services

Marketing & Sales Workshop

Group session (up to 8 people)

This is a 90 minute small group session taking place via Zoom.

We'll cover questions I get all the time:

- What should I have on my website?

- Who are the people to reach out to?

- How do I write a good pitch?

- How do I follow up?

- Why don't people understand me?

This will be fast pace, with lots of tips/tricks and Q&A along the way. Please note this is live, no recordings available.

Next session:  Sept 12, 2023 (Tuesday)

5:00pm-6:30pm ET

$35 (regular $100)

Marketing & Sales Consultation 

For individuals only

This is a 45 minute private one on one session taking place via Zoom.  (multiple time zones available)

How we'll work:

- You will send over your marketing goals and current sales materials (website, pitch emails, flyers, riders, etc)

- I will review everything in advance  

- I'll come with feedback and recommend that you bring questions

- Together we'll create a marketing plan and sales strategy

$90 (regular $225) 

Why Christine? 

For over a decade I've produced Off Broadway shows, worked in film, ran a live events company, managed artists and created my own talent agency.  I have seen it all.

Covid changed the direction of my businesses and how I pitch everything.  I believe that artists need to be very clear about what they can offer so that they can continue creating and thriving in today's market.  

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